Our Purpose

Enable students, professors and researchers from different universities and different research fields to crossover and interact with each other for generating innovative startup ideas;

Build an innovative startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, and help young entrepreneurs to realise their startup dreams;

Help Hong Kong to become an innovative and entrepreneurial centre.

First Stop: The University of Hong Kong


Keynote Speaker:

Bob Xu

Founder of ZhenFund and one of China's most renowned angel investors.
Co-founder of New Oriental Education (NYSE: EDU).

Speech Title:

“From Lab to App/從科技到商機”

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Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Johnson Y. N. Lau
Chairman and CEO Athenex
Honorary Professor HKU & PolyU Chongqing SW Hospital

Speech Title:

"What it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?"

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Other Highlights

First wave of announcement on soliciting startup themes on Big Health Details and Fintech prepared by experts from academia and industry . You are invited to match your ideas with our mentors face to face.

Hong Kong X Final Year Project Supporting Scheme (Sneak Preview)

Scope of Project: Related to Science, Technology, Arts, Design, Finance and Business
Final Year Project Supporting Scheme: Grant of HKD$20,000
Best of the Best FYP Award 2016-2017: Up to HKD$500,000
The Supporting Scheme will be announced on Oct.7, 2016, by Mr. Neil SHEN, the Chairman of Hong Kong X.



Supporting Organizations:

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