Our Purpose

Enable students, professors and researchers from different universities and different research fields to crossover and interact with each other for generating innovative startup ideas;

Promote start-up culture in Hong Kong and provide a platform for industry leaders to exchange ideas;

Build an innovative startup ecosystem in Hong Kong, and help young entrepreneurs to realise their startup dreams;

Help Hong Kong to become an innovative and entrepreneurial centre.

Second Stop: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong's Science and Technology Innovation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence


Time: 14:00-16:00, Mar 16, 2017

Venue: Citi Lecture Theater, LT-A, HKUST

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Yu HU

Executive President and Co-founder of iFLYTEK

Speech Title:

“AI Technology Edge, and Success Factors for AI Innovation & Startups”

More About Speaker

Prof. Qiang YANG

Head of HKUST CSE Department

Speech Title:

“AI + Media”

More About Speaker

Prof. Michael WANG

Head of HKUST Robotics Institute

Speech Title:

“HKUST Innovation & Entrepreneurship overview in AI field”

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Honourable Guests

Prof. Tony CHAN

President of HKUST

Mr. Steven JI

Partner of Sequoia Capital China

Prof. Zexiang LI

Professor of HKUST

Miss. Isabel LO

COO of Mindvivid

Supporting Organizations

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