Prof. Houmin YAN

Dean, College of Business
Chair Professor of Management Science
The City University of Hong Kong
Prof Houmin YAN received his B.S. and M.S. from Tsinghua University and his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. He is currently a Chair Professor of Management Sciences and Dean of the College of Business at the City University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining CityU he served as a Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and as an Associate Director and Science Advisor for the Hong Kong R&D Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies. He has also worked as a tenured Associate Professor at the School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas.
Prof YAN's main research areas are stochastic models, simulations, and supply chain management. He has published in journals such as Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, IIE Transactions, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Optimization: Theory and Applications, and IEEE Transactions. Professor Yan's work has won widespread recognition. In 2004, his paper (co-authored with Gan and Sethi) "Coordination of Supply Chains with Risk-Averse Agents" (POM, Vol. 13, 2004, 135 -149) received the Wickhan-Skinner Best paper Award from the 2nd World Conference on Production and Operations Management and the Society of Production and Operations Management (POMs). In 2005, his paper (co-authored with Lee and Tan) "Designing An Assembly Process with Stochastic Material Arrivals" (IIE Transactions, Vol. 35, 2003, 803-815) has been awarded the Best Paper Award for "the focus issues on Operations Engineering for 2003-2004" from the Institute of Industrial Engineers(IIE). In 2012, his paper (co-authored with Buzacott and Zhang) "Risk Analysis of Commitment-Option Contracts with Forecast Updates" (IIE Transactions, Vol. 43, 2011, 415-431) has been awarded the Best Paper Prize in in Scheduling and Logistics from the Institute of Industrial Engineers(IIE).
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